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Introducing the Sentry Integration Platform

Since Sentry started, people have been asking us to build integrations for their favorite services. We get it — developer tools are always better when they work together. As Socrates said, teamwork makes the dream work.

We like to help out, and that’s why today we’re launching the Sentry Integration Platform. Now you have the power to build the kind of integrations you want to see in Sentry. No need to wait around for us to do it.

More specifically, the Sentry Integration Platform is for people who want to publicly surface their product inside of Sentry (or, conversely, surface Sentry inside of their product). Eventually, we hope to expand the number of use cases and developers we serve with a version of the Integration Platform that is more suited for internal tools.

Sentry Integration Platform

Our goal was to enable deeply meaningful and useful integrations with other tools developers know and love, since a goal of enabling shallow interactions with tools that we all despise would have been counterproductive. We also want to give you the power to do this in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your team. Our new Integration Platform achieves this in two ways.

API & Webhooks

The first, and probably most familiar, part of this platform is our API and Webhooks. We’ve built the platform with a safe and straightforward way of granting access to Organization data.

Webhooks make it easy for integrations to consume important events from Sentry, like when Issues are created. We’ll continue to expand the scope of events you can subscribe to as this platform, and Sentry itself, evolves.

See our docs to learn more about our API & Webhooks.

API and webhooks settings.

UI Augmentation

The second, and arguably more exciting, piece to this platform is the ability to add rich UI elements to Sentry itself through a declarative syntax that requires zero code. We want to allow our developers to bring greater first-hand experience to our shared Users that enable their workflows in a more meaningful way.

Through a JSON-Schema based system, you can have Sentry render a way for Users to link Sentry Issues to Issues in your service or open a specific line of a stacktrace in your tool. We’ll be expanding the scope of what you can augment over time, as well.

See our docs to learn more about adding UI components.

  "elements": [{
    "type": "stacktrace-link",
    "uri": "/debug",

Early Integration Partners

We’ve been extremely lucky to work with two really amazing companies and groups of people for the initial launch of this Integration Platform. Clubhouse and Rookout have been invaluable in helping us vet this system and have built two absolutely top-notch integrations that really show the power of this Platform.


Clubhouse is a software development project management tool that focuses heavily on enabling every person on every team to work collaboratively.

Because errors are a key part of how software teams work together, Clubhouse built an integration on our new Platform that allows developers to connect Sentry Issues to Clubhouse Stories. Errors, features, and anything else you track in Clubhouse can now live side by side, helping you get things done, faster.

{{ clubhouse-vimeo-video }}


Rookout is a really cool tool to instantaneously collect live data from your production systems, with no additional coding, redeploying or stopping your app!

Rookout’s new integration adds a layer of depth to Sentry Issues by allowing you to jump right from an Issue to a non-breaking breakpoint on the line that caused the error. The two tools together cut the time from error to fix even further.

{{ rookout-integration-video }}

Build with Sentry

We’re looking for some early adopters to flex this platform and help expand what it can do. If that sounds exciting, let us know!

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