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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

We think security is important so we’ve rolled out two-factor authentication for Sentry. You can use U2F devices (like yubikeys), Google Authenticator (or similar apps supporting TOTP), or SMS as second factor now.

Once enrolled in your account settings, we will prompt you for your password, as well as one of your authenticators on sign-in. This also applies to sign-in with one of our SSO providers.

Additionally, we now let you confirm the sudo prompt with a U2F device (like a Yubikey or many others, if you have one.

In the organization list it’s also possible to see who has two-factor authentication enabled so you can vet your own organization’s security.


To enroll for 2FA, head to your account settings and click on the new Two-Factor Authentication settings:


Whenever you sign in now you will be prompted for your second factor after passing the password prompt:

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