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Find the right person at the right time to fix the right issue with SCIM for Okta, Code Owners with GitHub, and more

If you know someone who actually likes managing work across projects, we’d love to meet this mythical being. Because we can’t imagine who enjoys hand-sifting through digital piles of notifications, prioritizing issues, then tracking down the right developer to assign the issue to.

And once you’re done with that detective work, your engineer-of-the-hour may not even have access to the right tools to resolve the issue. Who’s got time for all this org chart spelunking? Not you, we hope.

To navigate this sprawl and stay mostly sane, we’re introducing Code Owners for GitHub and GitLab, personal and team notifications in Slack, percent-based issue alerts, and SCIM support for Okta so your team can f__ind the right people at the right time to fix the right issue__ and save the detective work for something a little less throw-your-phone-at-the-wall inducing.

See the issues that matter with percent-based issue alerts

Most applications have variations in their weekly traffic as well as a constantly changing baseline as their usage grows. Count-based alerts are great for getting notified when issues exceed a predefined threshold, but for companies with variable or seasonal usage, it can lead to noisier environments.

To help reduce the noise, we’ve added percent-based alerts which adjust to the changes in app usage so you can quickly identify the right problem at the right time.

00-% alerts

Available to all Sentry users, you can now set alerts when an issue exceeds a certain percentage of user sessions in a period, allowing you to prioritize issues based on user impact.

If, for example, you are an e-commerce platform and it’s Black Friday, you’ll likely see higher traffic than usual. To ensure your team is hyper-focused during this critical time, you can set an alert for when 10% of sessions within 5 minutes experience an issue, which will notify your team only of the most important issues that affect your customers.

With the new rollout of our app to restaurants across the country, a set number threshold for alerts wasn’t working for us. As our user base grows each week, percent-based alerts adjust with our growth, giving us visibility into the most critical issues so we can take action quickly and confidently continue rollout.

Gareth Trufitt, Web Experience Technical Lead at Nando’s UK

Solve issues faster with Code Owners and Slack notifications

Companies are shipping code faster than ever, resulting in more frequent updates across teams and projects. This additional complexity makes tracking down the who behind the code an important factor in accelerating speed to resolution when issues arise.

Code Owners allows you to automatically route error notifications to the right person or team without additional configuration.

Code owners

Available to customers with Business plans or higher, Code Owners integrates with the CODEOWNERS file in GitHub or GitLab, streamlining issue triage so developers only see the issues they care about and product owners can spend less time managing the queue. Now, everyone can focus on more important things - like shipping products customers want.

For my team, I try to automate and streamline a lot of our internal processes. However, because we have a monolithic architecture, when there are alerts, accurately assigning issues and triaging them can be very manual. Using Sentry’s Code Owners integration with GitHub has streamlined our workflow by automatically assigning issues to the right team without requiring me to do a lot of manual triage.

Can Zhang, Engineering Manager at Nextdoor

Once you have Code Owners or Suggested Assignees set up, you can then set issue alerts to go directly to the corresponding individual or team who owns the code. You can do so either with personal and team notifications in Slack or using Jira Issue Alerts to create a Jira issue and put it in the issue owner’s backlog, reducing notification fatigue and issues from falling through the cracks.

As a software developer, having access to Sentry notifications in Slack allows me to see the issues I care about without sifting through a cluttered inbox. What used to take me 15 minutes per issue is now instant, giving me immediate visibility into when something isn’t working so I can fix it as soon as possible and get back to building.

Dillon Hartley, Software Engineer, Medshift

Organizations can also send workflow notifications and deploy notifications to team Slack channels, streamlining communication and collaboration across the team while also promoting team autonomy.

Sentry’s integration with GitHub’s Code Owners has streamlined how we assign issues to our developers and promotes autonomy amongst our Scrum teams. Before, we had a buildup of unassigned issues taking our principal developers 15-20 minutes a few times a week to assign and manage. Now, with Sentry’s Code Owners, issues are assigned instantly, removing these tasks from our principal developer’s workload and allowing our teams to self-manage. The bottom line is that we are fixing issues faster and keeping our error rates low.

Jenny Gray, Senior Director of Application Development, Power Home Remodeling

Automate Sentry access with SCIM support for Okta

Admins can save time on user management tasks while reducing security risks by automatically provisioning and deprovisioning users and teams directly through Okta.


Available to Business and Enterprise plan customers, SCIM not only helps with more efficient Sentry onboarding but also delivers more secure user offboarding coverage for managers and IT departments. SCIM makes it easier for them to remove access from internal or third-party tools in just a few clicks, ensuring employees don’t have access to confidential information after termination.

Support for SCIM in Okta has significantly cut the wait time for our teams to get up and running in Sentry while delivering consistency to how we activate and deprovision accounts across the org. Whether employees change roles, move teams, or leave the company, being able to programmatically remove accounts with our SaaS management tool is critical in reducing attack surface and staying compliant.

Dave Lavelle, Head of IT, Productiv

Code observability at scale

We don’t have to tell you that growing teams and applications can be complex to manage. That’s why we built these features to help you move faster and reduce operational overhead.

If you currently use Sentry, sign in to configure these new capabilites. New to Sentry and want to learn more? Start your free account today or write to to get started.

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