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Dump Them for Sentry, Before They Can Break Up with You

Your customers are messaging, ordering, watching on a mobile device and — without a pause — carrying that experience to the web, desktop, tv, smart speaker, etc. Their expectations are that your service provides one seamless experience that goes with them where ever they are.

That’s why you need resolution tools that work across organizational and technical boundaries.

Now, maybe you’re tired of using an additional mobile focused tool when Sentry can cover both cases. Or… you’d love to consolidate on Sentry to get cross-project visibility and spend less on monthly bills. Or… your current mobile error monitoring tool is being shutdown in March. ::cough cough::

Whatever the reason, as software professionals, I think we can all agree that tool fatigue is real and using products that don’t connect with your entire customer experience is suboptimal.

With Sentry for Mobile you can:

  • Resolve issues faster without locking away critical data in silos. Trace the issues from the mobile app, through the API down to the server to figure out which layer or service is really the root cause of an issue, and resolve it faster by connecting to the commit that caused the issue.
  • Increase performance by reducing interaction bloat. Performance requires all services working together, one service working slowly can pull any performance gain from a dozen working smoothly.
  • Have a single source of truth. It doesn’t matter if your mobile app is happily displaying bad data it got from the server, but if monitoring the mobile app in isolation (or worse, only monitoring the mobile app, you’re blind to entire categories of problems.
  • Trust we’ll be around. Sentry supports more than 50,000 teams and+1 million developers.

Get started with Sentry for Mobile today for iOS, Android, React Native (now with Hermes support!) and others. Check out our docs, or reach out to your customer success manager to help with the transition.

Still reading? Awesome! If you’re using a mobile error reporting vendor that’s not Sentry, or the one you’re using is being shut down, send a screenshot of your bill or a crash report to before March 15, 2020 and we’ll send you a fun little surprise in return.

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