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How to Improve UX & Fix Issues Fast (Spoiler: It's with Observability.)

At the end of a long day of coding, don’t you just want to sit down with a refreshing, icy-cold LaCroix and sift through all of your logs? We didn’t think so. Thankfully, there are tools that give you real-time visibility into your systems.

Sentry’s own Developer Evangelist(a) Chloe Condon returns to The Open Source Show to chat with Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate, about all-things observability (logging and errors and metrics, oh my!).

How do you know what you don’t know? How can you avoid filling your Slack and inbox with cryptic notifications? How can you improve developer and user experience while also triaging and fixing issues faster? We’ll let Chloe answer those questions.

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Want more of The Open Source Show? Watch more episodes on the Microsoft Developer YouTube channel, including Chloe’s first appearance.

You’re likely wondering how you can stop setting squirrel traps. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Get more info on how, when, and why to use Sentry, and feast your eyes on our excellent (sometimes Star Wars themed) tutorials.

Want to talk about observability and Sentry? That’s great — we’re also interested in talking more about those topics! You can reach out anytime.

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