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Become A Hidden Champion. Work With Me In Vienna.

A term of business endearment — if there is such a thing — is to call a company a hidden champion. It’s bestowed on businesses who quietly sustain their success through a combination of culture, innovation, and product quality. And while the term is usually applied to manufacturing companies, our office in Vienna represents a hidden champion mindset — both in who we are, and what we’re looking for in our future developers.

For employees who work at hidden champions, loyalty is reciprocated, not demanded. The high retainment rate in our Vienna office speaks to this, as well as our belief that employees both contribute to — and benefit from — a culture of high performance. While some companies need to invent unproductive work (perhaps this is your current situation), Sentry’s rapid growth ensures there’s more work than people — instead of the other way around.

Sentry’s open-source tradition is core to our Vienna office. Some of my own open-source libraries (such as the Flask web framework) are now powering parts of LinkedIn, and many of the applications we use today rely on open-source projects created in Vienna. Sentry itself started out as an open-source project (in Django), and has grown into a platform which gives developers insights into what went wrong or why things are slow.

A big part of company culture is company location. It’s why we chose Vienna as our European hub, as it was recently voted the most livable city in the world. Vienna’s excellent child care facilities, geographic proximity (located in the center of Europe), and mix of urban convenience and natural beauty. And in Vienna, we give our developers a throughline to Silicon Valley without the hustle, bustle, and drama that can accompany living in it.

Working at Sentry means building products — and professional relationships — that endure. If that’s what you’re looking for in the next stop of your career, then I hope you consider becoming a hidden champion working with me at Sentry.

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