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Sentry is serving up Hot Dogs and Application Monitoring for Developers at GitHub Universe

On Nov 13-14th, you can find us at GitHub Universe in San Francisco with over 2000 other attendees from all over the world. We have a food sponsorship, so we’ll be filling your stomach and satisfying your appetite to build better software (so that it isn’t the wurst).

Here are three reasons to hang out with us there:

1. We’ll feed you

Let’s be Frank, we’re serving up hot dogs — Sentry style. And, by Sentry style, we mean any way that you like it, so long as what you like is either 100% grass-fed beef or a vegan / soy dog, made with a regular bun or gluten free bun that you dress yourself with condiments. You’re also welcome to dress your hot dog in a little costume, but those won’t be provided. Take pics and share them with @getsentry.

We also guarantee that these hot dogs are 100% bug free. Can you say the same about your code? Of course you can.

  • Where to get your dog: Look out for the hot dog cart with a Sentry umbrella.
  • When you can get your dog: Sentry hot dogs are served (Wed, 11/13 and Thur 11/14) until we run out — starting just prior to lunch.
  • How to get your dog: Get in line. Grab a menu from Sentry staff. Scan your badge. Order a hotdog.
  • Why you get your dog: Because they’re tasty and you’ll be hungry.


Not hungry for hot dogs? Stop by and ketchup with us anyway. We’ll be showing off some of Sentry’s features, like our integration with GitHub, alongside our many hot dog themed puns.

2. We’re handing out swag and coupon codes

Work is stressful, especially on the occasional day that your code isn’t as bug-free as our hot dogs. We want to give you a tangible resource to handle the stress of work, life, and/or anything else that’s thrown your way. So, go ahead and squeeze the hell out of one of our dog gone cute “stress dogs.”


We’re also handing out coupon codes (you’ll find them attached to our menus). This coupon is a $150.00 credit for use with any new Sentry account. Enjoy it. If you’re already a Sentry user, share with a friend. Or share it with a stranger and make a new friend.

3. You can meet Matt!

If you’re wondering why Sentry is handing out hot dogs (totally fair), then you might not be familiar with Matt Robenolt. Matt invented the hot dog (please don’t look this up) and is also the creator of Sentry’s weekly Dog Day. This is the best day of the work week, because it’s the day we gather to eat hot dogs together. Yes, this is real, and it’s become an integral part of our culture.

Matt didn’t just invent this event, he funded it with his own money. Why? Because Matt is a real nice guy who is passionate about hot dogs. He’s also a Principal Software Engineer at Sentry, was our third employee many years ago, and used open source Sentry well before he worked here. Please ask him all the questions you want about debugging software and/or the joys of hot dogs.


Let’s meat at GitHub Universe

We truly relish the time that we’ll have with you at GitHub Universe. Ask us anything about real-time application error monitoring and see how Sentry can get you out of any pickle. We’re even happy to debate about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. (We’ll be reporting back on the consensus.)

Schedule some time to meat with our sales team at

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