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Notification Digests For All

Several weeks ago we announced a preview release of notification digests, an error monitoring feature that we have been working on that focuses on reducing notification fatigue. Our goal was to address one of the more frequent pieces of feedback we receive: many users would like to reduce the number of notifications that they receive without resorting to disabling email notifications completely.

With two common cases in mind — short periods of high error rates, and long, sustained periods of error activity — we’ve implemented a feature that we call notification digests. We feel that notification digests strike an appropriate balance between the time to first notification for an issue as well as an overall reduction in the number of notifications sent for a project.

Rather than receiving an individual notification for each issue that matches your notification rules for a project, you’ll now receive an initial notification, followed later by a summary notification containing any subsequent notifications generated during a waiting period. While the error rate continues to be elevated, we’ll continue sending periodic summary notifications until things settle down.

To give you finer grained control over how often the summary notifications are sent, we’ve added a panel to the project notification settings that allows you to tune the minimum and maximum delivery frequency for that project. If you prefer to receive notifications more frequently, set both sliders to a lower value. If you prefer to receive less notifications, set both sliders to a higher value. Prefer to let us figure out when we should notify you based on the error rate? In that case, leave a wider range like the default configuration.

If you typically receive several notification emails from Sentry every hour, there’s a good chance that you’ve already received one of the new notification digests in your email inbox.

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