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Making Software Better: My Move to Sentry

Software is no longer eating the world; software is the world. By some estimates, the total number of applications will double in the next 5 years to over 750 million. Moreover, there isn’t an aspect of our lives that will not be enhanced by software: smart homes, self-driving cars, self-healing power grids, and other innovations that will help us build a cleaner, safer world.

Code is increasingly becoming the center of every experience. Code powers all the ways companies reach and engage with their customers. When code fails, the business fails. All of this innovation is supported by a community of builders that is growing in numbers, applications, contributors, and impact. The speed of change and innovation is unprecedented.

All of this change, all of this speed and all of the benefits only happen when the software works. Akin to what we see with modern cars that have early warnings to avoid issues (lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, auto-braking and more) we need an early warning system that enables developers to get a real-time view into how their software is doing in production, avoid issues or get ahead of potential issues by providing them with the needed visibility and context. Furthermore, in the event of an issue, developers need to have the who, what, where, how many occurrences of that issue readily available.

This is what Sentry enables over 50K organizations to do today. As one of the engineering leaders at one of our larger customers told me:

”It’s just silly not to use an error monitoring tool like Sentry when running a service. If you are a team writing software you have to use it”.

As David and I connected, and having worked alongside multiple visionary founder-engineers in establishing categories and building markets at scale, I knew there was only one thing left to do. I wanted in! I am thrilled to join Sentry as CEO to continue scaling and seizing this massive opportunity in front of us.

David mentioned in his post today that we have some great plans to help developers connect more directly to customer experience in 2020 and beyond. Together we look forward to helping more developers and companies on their software journey.

Want to see what got me so pumped about the company? Try Sentry.

Oh, by the way, we’re hiring. Check out our career opportunities.

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