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Intern Ryan helps Sentry find and fix customer pain points

Ryan Suh, a student at Stanford University, spent the summer of 2023 as a product marketing intern with the Sentry Marketing team. We asked him to share a little about what he worked on and why he chose Sentry for his internship.

How Sentry finds and fixes customer pain points

I spent the summer working primarily with the Product Marketing, Customer Success, and Developer Relations teams. My main project involved analyzing the 50+ customer stories that Sentry has gathered and creating the first structured guidelines for writing future customer stories. I specifically focused on understanding the quantitative and qualitative impacts that customers most valued throughout their usage of Sentry. During my analysis of the customer stories page, I also submitted tickets to address key issues related to the organization and content of the stories to help improve the user experience. Finally, I began writing a customer story and refined my proposed guidelines to better help future Sentaurs who need to write customer stories.

For my secondary project, I was involved in the launch of a new product feature for Session Replay related to detecting rage and dead clicks. While communicating with the Engineering, Product Management, Product Marketing, and Developer Relations teams, I crafted the product launch announcement. Within this announcement, I detailed the new feature and articulated its impact on the debugging process. My goal for this project was to help the developer community better understand how this new feature would help reduce the time spent on tracking down rage and dead clicks.

Finally, I also assisted in creating a specialized landing page that would serve as a hub for content relating to specific product areas (Session Replay, Mobile Errors, Mobile Performance, Crons, Performance Issues, Codecov, and Profiling). This landing page was designed to facilitate easier navigation for users interested in learning more about the specific products offered by Sentry.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with so many teams across various capacities, ranging from content creation to page design. Through these projects, I was able to gain concrete skillsets related to product marketing that I will be sure to use in the future. I am also grateful to have had great guidance from all of the people I’ve met during my time at Sentry.

Why Ryan chose Sentry

I first heard about Sentry from an email sent to one of my college clubs. After reaching out to the person who sent the email (shoutout Linda!), I learned more about her role as a product marketing manager. I was fascinated by her experiences marketing a very technical B2B SaaS product and what went into scaling a platform like Sentry. After doing my own research and meeting more cool people in my interviews, I really felt like I could learn a lot at this company. This combination of meeting interesting professionals and the learning opportunities is what ultimately convinced me to join Sentry.

About Ryan’s time as an intern

My internship experience at Sentry was really amazing and rewarding. Right from the start, I really felt the welcoming atmosphere. One of the highlights that I took away from the internship were the weekly Happy Hours where all of the different teams would gather to play games ranging from song trivia to cheese guessing. Although I didn’t know anyone, I felt comfortable reaching out and striking up conversations. These events were a great way to socialize and get to know everyone outside of the workplace.

I also really enjoyed how the company culture prioritized not only professional growth but also personal well-being. For example, during the “College to Career AMA” sessions, the interns would get the opportunity to talk to professionals at Sentry about their experiences navigating post-grad life. The insights I gained from these conversations were invaluable for me as I begin to consider what I want to do after college.

Additionally, the internship was thoughtfully constructed to provide a well-rounded experience. I had the privilege of working alongside experienced professionals who were both very skilled but also genuinely interested in helping me succeed. Their guidance was very helpful as I tackled various high-impact projects. The level of autonomy coupled with consistent support also really helped. Weekly check-ins and spontaneous discussions made sure that I was on track, but I had the freedom to take ownership of my projects and venture into creative solutions.

Ultimately, the internship significantly contributed to my professional and personal growth. I loved all of the events that I got to participate in as an intern, ranging from the annual Hackweek to team-wide meetings, and I’m very happy that I chose to work at Sentry this summer.

Make sure you check out some of the openings we have here at Sentry for internships and full-time positions.

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