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Intern Lucas makes it easier to hire at Sentry

Lucas Hatae, a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, spent the summer of 2023 as a BizOps intern with the Sentry BizOps team. We asked him to share a little about what he worked on and why he chose Sentry for his internship.

Improving customer retention and recruiting through dashboards, trackers, and documentation

This summer, I was able to work with the BizOps team. I was assigned 3 projects to work on, which were to create a multi-product adoption dashboard, improve the recruiting and headcount tracker, and to execute a Notion cleanup. At the beginning of my internship, I was a little bit intimidated by having 3 different projects, but with the help of the BizOps team, things went pretty smoothly.

The first project was the multi-product dashboard. I built a dashboard that showed product adoption across Sentry’s customers on Looker. Because I had never used Looker before, I rebuilt a dashboard called Daily Look in order to become more familiar with it. After being more comfortable with it, I created my own dashboard. The dashboard has visualizations that show Multi Product Adoption, SDK Families On Multiple Products, ARR by Multi-Product Usage, Average Days Since First Send, and the Days Between First and Second Product Adoption. Because I am looking to concentrate in Quantitative Analysis, I was really excited and grateful that I got to gain new data skills through this project.

The second project was to improve the recruiting and headcount tracker. I revamped and improved the headcount and recruiting tracker to make it have less manual inputs and easier to read. Through lots of research on different formulas and help from team members, I was able to make the trackers look better. I also made it so that it would be easier for the Finance and Talent Acquisition team to use the same document when the fiscal year changes.

The third and final project was to do a Notion cleanup. I designed a process to cleanup our Notion pages as well as a new format for our teamspace. After doing this, our Notion teamspace looked much cleaner, and it was much easier to find pages.

Unfortunately, my summer is starting to come to a close as is my time at Sentry. Looking back, I am super grateful to be able to have done this internship! Through these projects, I was able to gain many skills on Looker, Google Sheets, and Notion. Everyone was super helpful and made my summer internship experience unforgettable!

Why Lucas chose Sentry

When I was applying for internships, my mom had told me to email Todd Bazakas for a potential internship opportunity. After emailing Todd, he connected me to Theresa for a quick call. After calling her, I had a really good feeling about Sentry! She was super kind and after I found out that she was an alumni of the same fraternity that I am in at my same school, I figured that it must be fate. I did some research on Sentry and ultimately decided that this internship would be an amazing opportunity to have in order to gain experience in the working world.

About Lucas’ time as an intern

Being at Sentry was truly an awesome experience. I always felt welcomed and everyone was so willing to help. It was a great onboarding experience and everything was very smooth and efficient. Since this was my first internship, I didn’t really know what to expect, but my experience definitely surpassed expectations.

I was invited to all of the team activities and meetings and it really made me feel like part of the team, and not just an intern. I felt like I was treated the same as everyone else and got to experience the same things as well (with the exception of drinking at happy hour). The offsites at Parklab Garden, bowling, SF MOMA and many other activities made the summer even more enjoyable. All of the interns even got to do Hackweek, which was a super fun and unique twist from the normal working week.

Overall, my experience interning at Sentry was an amazing one. Being treated like a full time employee, given real projects that will be implemented into the company, and learning a ton of new skills made this internship super valuable. I was always supported by my team as well as the other interns. The culture at Sentry is amazing, and I enjoyed working here this summer.

Make sure you check out some of the openings we have here at Sentry for internships and full-time positions.

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