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Important change to our email delivery

Ensuring our users get email notifications of errors in real-time is a top priority for us. Last week, our email provider Mandrill announced significant changes to their service, prompting us to change outbound email providers. While we are doing everything possible to mitigate effects, for our customers, this means that starting Wednesday, there’s a higher chance your Sentry notifications end up in spam.

To prevent this, we strongly encourage you to whitelist Sentry emails. The easiest way to do this is by adding to your contacts. You can also create filters/rules to ensure Sentry email is never marked as spam — we’ve collected instructions for some of the most common providers below.

If you’re curious on the details, spam filtering works by building up a “sender reputation” around the IP address of the server. When we switch providers, we’re also forced to change our IP address, resetting our reputation. We’ll be gradually warming up our new IP addresses over 6 weeks by splitting traffic between our old and new email providers, before cutting over completely. We apologize for any inconvenience and if you have any questions, definitely [reach out and ask]( Sentry emails)!

The IP’s we will be sending out from for now are the following if you want to whitelist them. They are also included in our SPF record.

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