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When developers build and deploy their apps, understanding what’s slow or broken in production is more a necessity than a convenience. With Sentry, developers are able to quickly pinpoint and fix issues that impact their end users or business, and we want every developer to have the best error monitoring in place from the moment they deploy code to production.

So we’re partnering with to do just that.

Introducing Sentry for is a platform that lets you easily run full-stack apps and databases close to your users by deploying your app in your preferred geographies.

For new and Sentry users, when you deploy your application through, the integration will automatically create a Sentry project, granting your organization immediate access to Sentry’s application monitoring tools. For platforms such as Rails, also provides the benefit of auto-instrumenting your app to start sending events to Sentry from the onset.

Getting Started

To get started, install’s command line tool and start deploying following these steps:

  1. You can install Flyctl using the following command for Mac or follow’s guide for other operating systems:

brew install flyctl

  1. Create an app in Fly

fly launch

  1. Deploy your app

fly deploy

Once you deploy your app, you can log into Sentry directly via the command line using the following command:

flyctl apps errors

Or you can log into your new Sentry organization directly with your credentials. If you deploy more apps using your org, our integration will automatically create Sentry projects for those apps too.

For more information on how to get started, check out Fly’s instructions.

New to Sentry and Fly?

While this out of the box integration is available to everyone, our friends at are running a limited time offer for new Fly and Sentry users. So if you haven’t used Sentry before, deploy your app with Fly and try Sentry for free here or reach out to us for more info on how to get started with Sentry and Fly.

Let’s Partner Up

We’re excited about our collaboration with because it brings us one step closer to providing every developer access to high-quality, affordable application performance monitoring.

If you represent a platform and are interested in exploring how Sentry can help your developers too, we’d love to talk. Please reach out to or connect with us on Discord, GitHub, or Twitter.

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