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Bringing Specto into the Sentry Family

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve acquired Specto, a powerful mobile profiling tool from ex-Facebook mobile experts who share our determination for building developer-first performance monitoring products that actually suit the modern dev stack.

Much of Sentry’s power from frontend app owners to backend services has been in our expertise in code observability — this ability to not only see only what production issues really matter, but in our unparalleled ability to empower application developers to solve these issues rapidly from the root cause, with the insights and learning to move faster.

We started Specto to help mobile-first companies build fast, reliable products that delight their users, a mission that we know Sentry shares.

Jernej Strasner
CEO and CoFounder of Specto

Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen this trend accelerate at an unprecedented pace. Everything we interact with from morning to evening is now an application - from the smart speaker and home gym to the latest podcast or TV show. Not only are we surrounded, but consumers and businesses alike now demand near-perfection from every interaction. And every development team needs to deliver near-perfect product experiences in order to retain users and grow their businesses.

Nowhere is this more needed than in mobile, where modern development teams have historically been neglected, and then elated to find one or two “mobile-first” solutions in the past decade. But mobile is no longer a standalone platform for most companies. Instead, these tools increase the silos that already exist between engineering teams, and more importantly, don’t encourage a consistent nor holistic product experience that companies like Disney, Riot, Klarna, Peloton and others need to across every device, and every platform. We’ve also seen the power of a singular workflow and the efficiency gains that development teams see when they have a cohesive platform for error monitoring, performance monitoring, release health, and robust analytics in one place. We believe the depth that mobile profiling brings to developers aligns closely with our goal to empower developers to own their application health.

Our acquisition today of Specto is part of our commitment to bring Performance Monitoring and code observability to a whole new level. Moreover, the Specto team shares our vision for the modern developer experience and it’s this first-class commitment to developers that we can’t wait to share with you over the coming months.

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