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Break Production Less: Introducing Codecov's Pre-release Focus

While there are several solutions that try to help you improve your testing practices and tooling, we believe that high-quality software is not just limited to how well it’s tested. That’s why we’re expanding beyond code coverage and building the foundation for the first of its kind pre-release platform with Bundle Analysis, Test Analytics, and AI-Powered Code Review

JavaScript Bundle Analysis

Bundle size matters because it directly impacts your application’s performance, bandwidth usage, and load times. Larger bundles lead to longer load times, which leads to poor performance, which leads to a terrible user experience, which leads to… you know how this story ends. We’re rolling out JavaScript Bundle Analysis to help developers stay ahead of these challenges.

Our bundle analyzer works with Rollup, Vite, and Webpack to help you better diagnose any issues before they hit your end users. Try Bundle Analysis today and let us know what you think in the GitHub issue.

Bundle analysis is free for all Codecov users and works with little to no configuration, if you’re new to Codecov get started here.

Test Analytics

Flaky tests and tests that take forever to run in your CI increase the risk of deployment failures and make it harder to ship new features quickly. So, we’re introducing Test Analytics which offers data on test run times, failure rates, and identifies flaky tests.

By providing insights into test failures directly within GitHub, you can see where your tests are flaky or failing without having to scroll through lines of code, making it so you can find and address issues faster. Now you can complain about flaky tests with certainty. 😏

All you have to do to get test failure information in your Codecov PR Comment is generate test results as a JUnit XML file and upload that file to Codecov. To get started with Test Analytics, check out the docs.

While test failure reporting is live now, we’re still actively developing Flaky Test Detection to improve the test management process and speed up code review cycles. Have thoughts on test failures and flaky tests? Tell us what you think in the GitHub issue.

AI-Powered Code Review

The worst part about code review is getting someone to review your PR. Oh, and if you need someone on another team to review your changes, good luck. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone or something review your PR the second you opened it?

Codecov’s new AI-powered code review feature will do just that. Think of it as that know-it-all friend who identifies the obvious mistakes, allowing your developers to focus their code reviews on the more complex and important aspects of the code change. This means quicker reviews, faster approvals, getting features to customers faster, and fewer “Can you review my latest changes?” messages.

Looking Forward

Sentry is probably monitoring your code in production, but there’s a gap before you hit deploy. So, the Codecov team at Sentry is filling that gap by shifting our focus from just code coverage to everything pre-release, giving you complete visibility into your software from the moment you start writing it, all the way through testing and review.

This is just the beginning—join us as we continue to push boundaries and shape the future of software development, one line of code at a time. As always, let us know what you think here. And if you’re new to Codecov you can try it for free today or request a demo to get started.

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