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What's New in Sentry — May Changelog

Whew. May is over, finally. It’s such a rude month, pretending like it’s summer when it actually is not summer. Get out of here, May. Anyway, hello, June!

Here’s everything we shipped in May. Enjoy.

Application: searching

  • Recent searches can be accessed from the Issue search dropdown
  • Searches can be pinned and become the search default, visible in the Issues view
  • Saved Searches live at the organization level instead of per-project, and only owners can create them, making Sentry easier to use across multiple projects



  • Our new Go SDK is in beta, replacing the older Raven-Go
  • Our JavaScript (Browser & Node) and Python SDK now support Tracing / provide a Tracing integration that makes cross-platform error matching easy


So many new features in our command line tooling

  • sentry-cli supports RAM Bundles for React Native apps
  • sentry-cli has concurrent uploads for source maps, and the concurrency limit is 8 threads

    • For our own internal projects, we’ve seen a 5x increase in performance for uploads

Open Source

  • We upgraded to Django 1.8
  • Symbolicator can be run via the open source tool and supports symbolification with Minidumps
  • Sentry supports using Google BigTable directly, reducing storage costs by as much as 67%


  • We’ve made some layout & CSS changes to make the docs easier to read
  • We’ve changed the naming of the “Owner” role to “Organization Owner” to clarify permissions
  • You can self-serve upgrade your account to 6,000,000 events/month — no need to talk to sales

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