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What's New in Sentry — April Changelog

2019 has been a fun year for Sentry, and we’re only a third of the way through it. In four short months, we released a feature set focused on visibility as well as the new Sentry Integration Platform.

In between the big stuff, we shipped the following changelog from the past month. Enjoy.



  • By default, new users will only receive workflow notifications for issues they’re subscribed to. Existing users looking to decrease their inbox volume can do the same by navigating to User Settings > Notifications > Workflow Notifications, and changing the the setting to Only Issues I Subscribe To.
  • Alert rule configuration is more discoverable (we saved you a click). To set up alert rules, navigate to the project settings for your project, then click Alerts.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • “Copy to clipboard” was added to User feedback to make it easier to get back to customers.
  • Org Owners now have better visibility into their org’s projects by being able to see all projects in the project selection dropdown of the Issues view in Sentry 10.
  • Billing emails now go to all users with the “Billing” role.
  • The search builder now makes it easier to clear search terms.


  • Two new integrations were released: Clubhouse and Rookout.
  • New APIs allow you to embed a link directly on the Stack trace.
  • The Jira integration now remembers your last labels to make creating issues faster.

JavaScript SDK

  • Browser: Reduced bundle size by ~30%
  • Node: Peak memory usage decreased by ~80%
  • Node: Average memory usage decreased by ~70%
  • Node: Serve ~30% more requests/sec
  • Node & Browser now support Sentry.Integrations.CaptureConsole to send all console.error() calls to Sentry

Upgrade your JavaScript SDK today.

Native SDKs:

  • Some changes to the grouping algorithm for native are in early access.

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