Exception Perceptions: Everything is Cool When You’re Part of a Team

Welcome, and thanks for joining us! Today on Exception Perceptions, we’re inviting Sentry Product Manager Sara Gilford to give us all the dirt on collaboration and ownership. That’s right; we’re uncovering the juicy details of who and how folks on teams within Sentry should be notified when issues pop up in their application.

With the help of the new Teams feature from Sentry 9, organizational relationships can be clearly defined, which structures notifications and alerts engineers about errors. The Teams feature also allows for ownership rules. Why does that matter? Well, ownership rules direct those error notifications to the right person. In other words, Sentry gets you one step closer to the ever-coveted Inbox Zero.

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Aside from illuminating your path to notification nirvana, Sentry encourages the use of best practices for communicating with your team (of course). Imagine a scenario where you want to give a thankful shoutout for a bug fix, but you aren’t sure who to thank. We invite you to use the commenting feature, which gives you the ability to notify everyone on a team. This feature is available for all Sentry users, so get to commenting!

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the episode page for this episode of Exception Perceptions for all of the details on Teams and commenting. You’ll also want to closely review our other episodes of Exception Perceptions (trust us on this one).

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