Improve Signal to Noise with Inbound Filters

We’ve frequently heard from users that they want an easy way to filter unwanted issues from their Sentry projects – one that doesn’t involve tricky client configuration. We’re introducing a new resource that complements our existing features for adding context to error tracking and is aimed at making filtering simple: Inbound Data Filters.

Located in your project settings, you can now enable one of four filters that eliminate inbound issues according to commonly-requested criteria:

  • Errors from localhost/
  • Browser extensions
  • Legacy browsers – IE9, IE8, and other deprecated browsers
  • Web crawlers – e.g. search engine crawlers like Googlebot™

Today these filters are really simple, and rely on a set of predefined criteria (e.g. known user agents). Despite their simplicity, they are a powerful way to automatically remove a wide variety of low-value issues from your inbox.

Get started today by browsing to “Project Settings” → “Inbound Data Filters”.

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